Jersey, Channel Islands - glad this issue has been resolved

Has anyone experienced difficulties with there account because they live in jersey, channel Islands?

Yes, they have basically shut my account down as Jersey isn’t in the EEA, said there were working on making Jersey an available jurisdiction but gave no timeline… know a few people they have done this too… until then was the best app going…

Yeh I am disappointed with them as my account is blocked. I transferred all
my money.
Don’t think they will fix the problem anytime soon


We’re working on it. We aim to provide our services again to Jersey & Channel Islands. Rest assured we have been making some great progress on this.


Andreas K


That’s great news but I don’t know why you still shut down my account
considering I have a UK property that I rent out.

We’re excited to announce that our services are again available to residents of Chanel Islands & Jersey :rofl:

Please reach out our support team via in-app so we can reissue you a new card :tada:

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I would like a new card issued to my Jersey address :+1:

@Ewan1 order a new card and send me a direct message your phone number associated with your account so I can refund you the cost. :slight_smile:

My mobile number is;

I can’t actually access my account atm

Yes, the App to apply will not accept my phone number or other Jersey numbers. Continues to come back as invalid. Catch 22 loop as cannot get on help app because it too says the Jersey numbers are invalid. E-mail redirects to the app.

Glad this issue has been resolved and Jersey is allowed back :+1:


no cash from bank ATMs today in St Helier(Nat-West and Barclays). logged in OK but wouldn’t distribute cash

I’m Glad the problems with Jersey have been resolved but my account is still locked, Contacted support twice now and still trying to get it unlocked only been two days of trying. First set of support requests got deleted with no reference and tried again this afternoon with the same request to provide details which I have and this then gets sent to another department. No further information provided and just checked the app and under the support open the conversations been deleted again so I’m guessing I will be heading for 3rd line lucky…

It is the same with the Faroe Islands. Denmark is part of the EEA but Faroe Islands are not part of the EEA. Will your services again be available to residents of the Faroe Islands also?

It’s no longer resolved. USD transfers to Jersey accounts were blocked a few months ago without notification and now according to the Revolut support agent i spoke to today - all Jersey IBAN numbers are again blocked for payments. The website still says it is only USD transfers that are unsupported. Zero communication and wrong information either on the support site or from the helpdesk. What is going on?

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