Japan : Withdrawal fee at ATMs

I’m in Japan at the moment and I was wondering if there was a way to withdraw money without fee (¥108/¥216). I tried one hour ago and the best choice was 7/11 Bank with a ¥108 fee.

Some revolut users said it was free to withdraw at ATM in Japan. Is this still correct? Thank you

Same for me when I travel to the far east. All ATM’s seem to charge a fee, except HSBC. Note this may well be a bank charge and not connected to Revolut in particular.

Not tried HSBC ATM in Japan yet. Give it a try and let us know.

What time did you try?

It is free from 7am to 7pm at 7/11 bank:


Restricting free withdrawals to specific timeframe of day is most strangest thing I ever heard of. Silly japanese bankers. :radioactive:

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I also see the same problem in Japan, regardless of day or ATM. I don’t think it is a Japanese problem since my other international card doesn’t attract any fees (same day same ATM)

Can someone give more specifics on 7/11 ATMs with Revolut, what are the fees, is it hourly, and most importantly with which type of card MC or VISA?

I used MC at that time. No fees at 7/11. Revolut works flawlessly.

Sorry mate, but there is always fee at 7/11. Its not high tho, 108 yen when you withdraw 10 000