Japan Visa Revolut vs Mastercard Revolut

I am travelling with a friend in Japan and we both have Revolut cards, the only difference is that mine is Visa and my friend has Mastercard. Now my question and a tiny bit of outrage :

  • Why do I get fees when I get money from ATMs ? Same amout of cash , did not exceed the 200 euro limit , same atm used… same everything. Why does it cost me do get money from ATM and Mastercard is a happy camper with 0 fees?

Did you withdraw from the same ATMs? If yes, that shouldnt have happened (unless the ATM only charges Visa). If you didnt it could easily be you withdrew from an ATM that simply charges for withdrawals. But there should have been a notification prior to the withdrawal.

I already heard that some ATM charges only VISA or only Mastercard.

For example: In Vietnam, in a ACB (Asia Commercial Bank) ATM:
No fees with Visa
55.000 Dongs fees with Mastercard

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Definitely a case for choosing the right payment method. Visa vs Mastercard. Again in Vietnam two Revolut issued cards one Visa and one Mastercard. No ATM charges for EU issued VISA Card but £1.50 charge for a EU issued MasterCard. This is a lottery and I am not sure if you have a choice when getting the card.