Japan region not supported


Living in Japan, I couldn’t register to the app because the region isn’t supported.

Are there any plans to support it in the future ? If yes, do you have a time frame ?
Otherwise, what are my options to use this service ? Can I register somebody else’s address in another country and use the app from Japan ?



You have to be a legal resident of any EEA country right now. You won’t be able to verify your account. You can check the FAQs for more details. :wink:


Well, technically, being of French nationality with a valid french passport, I could verify my account using my parents address in France… Just not sure about the nitty-gritty details regarding the residency laws.

Looking at the FAQ, I moreover see that Revolut can deliver the card via Express Delivery to Japan in 1~3 working days. This is confusing


Check the section „How to verify my Identity.“ If you would register with the address of your French passport, identity verification should be okay.

I recommend you talk to someone from Revolut directly, via Twitter or Facebook, for example. There are some hurdles to overcome. Or you can send someone from Revolut a direct message here as well.