Japan - money returned

Im not complaining , but recently i dont know why, but i got money back from my shopping (mostly food like 200 yen today). I paid with revolut, there was no problem during transaction. Aby ideas why its happening?


I had the same situation in Serbia last week, I got cca 85 euros back from and ATM withdrawal!

Following this, so curious…


Money was returned from two south africa transactions which were correct,accepted and done by myself : impossible to know if those transactions will be finally paid (chat with rita) !

I have had exactly the same issue with a few transactions abroad! These were on different days and different merchants. Any ideas on what’s happened anyone??

Update: transaction that i got back today was taken from my account in other currency. I have in history that i got money back, but not that they were taken in again. Also since i didnt have enough money in that currency i have ‘-300 Pln’ on my account. I have normal revolut Card, i thought i cant have any credits??