Japan, how to get the Revolut conversion day rate, even if I have a lot of JPY on my account?

Hi Revolut Community,

This is a tricky one. A long time ago, I converted EUR (my base currency) to JPY for a total of 500,000 JPY.

Now I am traveling to Japan, but the current exchange rate is much more favorable, so I want to avoid using any of those 500,000 JPY. I can’t convert back those 500,000 JPY to EUR because I’d take a hit, I just want to leave them there untouched hoping for better times.

While in Japan, how can I force any transaction (payment, ATM withdrawal) to keep away from my JPY?

Do I always get the option to select “with conversion” ?

When selecting “with conversion”, what rates apply? Revolut’s favorable day rate or some horrible conversion rate from the merchant’s bank?

Assume small transaction & weekday, to keep things simple.

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If you deactivate your JPY wallet, the app will convert funds on the fly from other available balances.

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When you select with conversion on a terminal or bank you’ll always have the horrible apocalyptic rate.

Just deactivate temporarily the JPY account (from accounts, swipe left - deactivate) and all your spendings will leave from other accounts (EUR for example, or any other account. In japan prefably USD as they sometimes charge in USD by default foreign cards, but this only in shops with portable POS and not in all in one integrated machine, like those from convenience stores or supermarkets).

Also. Don’t forget to activate the magstrip payments in card security. All all-in-one machines (all supermarkets, convenience stores and others) uses magstrip and not chip&PIN. You’ll find Chip payments in some IT&C stores or touristy spots, like yodobashi camera; and they (or their bank) will charge you in USD by default

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Wow, Frank and Iskender ! Thanks for such a quality answer and good insight!

I am amazed that I spent 30 minutes on chat with a Revolut operator, trying to sort this one out before I decided to start this thread.

The answer from the Support lady came nowhere close to your to-the-point answer.

Thanks! You made my day!


I’ve had a similar problem. In Tokyo most transactions going through in JPY, had two presented as USD which Revolut converted to EUR as this is the account with the most in. Best part of 30 mins in a chat with someone telling me to select local currency despite me sending image of transaction slip showing JPY.

I’ve disabled USD and EUR now.

Pity the alleged support person can’t suggest that !