I've got some questions.

The answers to the following questions are my deciding factors:

  • Do all of the card controls and features of Premium exist on Freelancer? Can I use my Freelancer account as a personal account?

  • Does Revolut provide live chat on Freelancer accounts?

  • Is there a way for me to forcefully get my money back from Revolut in the event of the company closing down? Do they provide details and/or instructions?

  • Does Freelancer include the insurance that Premium does?

I spoke with the team via live chat and here are the answers in case anyone else is interested:

  • All cards have the same features.

  • Yes. Freelancers get the same chat as standard business users.

  • Your requests to retrieve your money in the event of insolvency will be processed by the banks that Revolut works with at a higher priority than other requests to retrieve money, and the process for this will be communicated via email if the company goes down under.

  • No insurance for Freelancer. I suggested this, however, and they have taken it on board. My justification is that Freelancers are individuals, so they should be insured for travel etc.


Tell me please, where can I read about Revolut Business account?

Have you tried :r:'s homepage? Can’t find the information you are looking for?



I’ve just received my MasterCard from Revolut. How do I transfer money to this card though the app? I have money in the standard account and would like to transfer to the master card to use

The money in your account is what you can use with your card. You don’t top-up the card, but your account. If you topped up your account with EUR 20, that’s what you will be able to use with your card.

Make sure your card appears in the app in the Cards section, else add it there swiping all the way to the right until you see “Already got a card? Link it here”.