I've decided to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to take legal action

After days and days of trying to get some level of support from the in support app i’ve decided i’m going to seek legal action.

Revolut have taken £750 of my money and I have no idea where its gone or what is happening. I’m actually so shocked at the lack of support I have received. This would never have happened if it was any other bank.

I’m hoping now that I am seeking legal action this would finally be resolved. I am officially done with Revolut.


Hello Jojo, really sorry to hear you’ve had such a negative experience. I have written you a private message to take a look into this.

Similar thing happening to me !!!
25k USD transferred into Revolut account along with copies of all supporting documents regarding source of funds.
Nothing showing in my account, and no reply from customer support since over one week despite over ten messages from me.
This is looking like a fraud !!!