Ive been trying to get verified for 48 hours now

I have added my passport uk driving lices submitted 3 photo tried to contact customer service loads i need acsess to my money ive message and message also i wanted to top up by £10 and it took £50 from me i need it sorting now

I have a similar issue after three failed attempts to verify my account with the automated system I uploaded the required documentation and it is now stuck in a pending status with no reply via the in app help function.

Please help!

Try to type : Live agent or resolved in help menu-chat to us- to get past Ritabot and speak to agent.
Expect some waiting times :frowning:
Might take bit longer ,as out of office hrs UK.

Alternatively you can use twitter to speed things up :+1:
Or maybe contact @AndreasK or @JessicaZ
Take care :slight_smile:

Same situation here, stuck on verification process, live support doesn’t work… 72+ hours, still nothing

I tagged Revolut support team :+1:
Someone will pop over here sooner or later .

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Hi there. I’ve replied to your direct message. Your account is fully verified. :slight_smile: Enjoy Revolut!

Hi @Liammcelvaney & @R1ck! Your chats have been escalated and an agent will contact you shortly :slight_smile:

Hi there
I’ve been waiting since Friday 27th April for a transaction to be verified and or a response from the Revolut support team. 5 days have passed and no communication.

I don’t have these problems with my conventional bank. I’m starting to become concerned.


Hi Tom. Please let me have a look.

An agent will be with your shortly, apologies for the delay.

Hi Andreas,
Thanks you for responding, I haven’t received any response from the chat line yet.