Itunes Store outside of UK

I m a new “client” of Revolut blocked before putting Euros on my new account because of a potential issue… And would like your experience…

The objectif of going to Revolut for me is to close my “way too expensive” bank account. I m almost there, but one issue remains…
My credit card is registered to my iTunes account (FR) and I would need to replace it.
I read here that this won’t be possible with the Revolut card as the country would be set as UK (and I cannot change country of my account that easily in Apple, family sharing and all…)

Is it still true ? Or is the card attached to the address registered in the app ? (which is in France in my case)
I don’t really want to pay 6Euros and open a bank account just to realise I cannot use it as I want :frowning:

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Unfortunately, still the same with iTunes. Apple has not changed their policy here nd Revolut cards are still issued in the U.K.


Update: the new Metal cards work now with iTunes accounts outside the UK! It seems Revolut and Apple are using specific number ranges now to identify the country. It is confirmed that users were able to add their card to Swiss and German iTunes accounts. That wasn’t possible before.

Update update: the same should be true for the latest premium mastercards.


Premium Mastercard (2-3 weeks old) works with iTunes, Spotify and PlayStation store - Romanian accounts.