Itunes Store outside of UK


I m a new “client” of Revolut blocked before putting Euros on my new account because of a potential issue… And would like your experience…

The objectif of going to Revolut for me is to close my “way too expensive” bank account. I m almost there, but one issue remains…
My credit card is registered to my iTunes account (FR) and I would need to replace it.
I read here that this won’t be possible with the Revolut card as the country would be set as UK (and I cannot change country of my account that easily in Apple, family sharing and all…)

Is it still true ? Or is the card attached to the address registered in the app ? (which is in France in my case)
I don’t really want to pay 6Euros and open a bank account just to realise I cannot use it as I want :frowning:


Unfortunately, still the same with iTunes. Apple has not changed their policy here nd Revolut cards are still issued in the U.K.