Itunes Revolut


My revolute card is refused on itunes. It is obvious that the map is from the country of origin for itunes.

Revolut = English so itunes FR = No.

Is there a solution to validate the card?


Hey Bobo

Currently there is no way to get around this. There have been rumors that Revolut might issue local cards to fix this.

thank you for your reply

Indeed local virtual cards or you can choose the country would pass without problems these blocks.

Hoping that Revolut offers it quickly :slight_smile:

This is very much needed! It’s the only reason keeping me from getting rid of my local bank.
Also, I already had some online transactions considered as fraud and therefore canceled, because the card wasn’t local.

Revolut offers “localized” cards since late 2018. :slight_smile:

This is a breach by Apple of Article 5(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/302. The onus is therefore on Apple to fix it, not on Revolut. See the following thread:

Hi @Frank, thanks for that I missed the news. Does that mean we can request a “localized” card? Can you elaborate?

Thank you! I will definitely raise my case to Apple…

Newly issued Mastercards (all plans), both physical and virtual, should work.

But since Revolut negotiates the card products on a per country basis with network providers, I would contact other Revolut users in your country and see if you can get a confirmation that the “updated” card is available in your region and that it works with iTunes.

It doesn’t work. They even rejected one of my local cards.
Apple is just a bad company. Avoid it where possible.