it's never seen! My account blocked and money blocked


Hello, here I explain my adventure today. I ask on your chat messenger to change my phone number. The agent tells me that the phone number is already taken. Until no problem. For a totally unhealthy reason, the agent blocks my account, tells me that another agent will take over and he breaks like a thief! What is it about treating your customers this way? Account block, money block. Are you a funny band or how’s it going? I demand help as soon as possible! Thank you.


Shouldnt you be able to change the phone number yourself?


no because it was already put that the phone number was used. While I posed


How come? That would mean you already had an account with that number.


possible but the account does not exist. but what is wrong with me is that we are blocking my current account for no reason


It is indeed a little harsh to block your account without additional information but the TOS are clear : one account per customer, and it seems you have 2.

Did you try to login with your other phone number?


it’s just when i contacted the chat messaging that my account was blocked otherwise before it worked fine … yes but that’s wrong


They should have at least explained why and how to fix the situation.

Did you try with the other phone number?


yes yes I told you, I tried. I’ll see more, but it does not take weeks to get my money back or unlock my account


and obviously since my account is blocked I do not have the priority on the mail so I can wait 1 day as 1 month with them … Pfff really an organization not serious. It’s clear when all is well, everything is fine, but when you need them there are not many people. Moreover it was enough to look at this forum, facebook, twitter and so on to see that people account blocked for no reason. I’ve never seen that in any other “bank” or financial institution.


Most people are blocked because their accounts are either in violation of service terms or have not been verifiied to begin with. These accounts get unblocked once the problem is resolved.

Simply follow the ToS and you are fine.


I do not doubt, I wait what they will answer me


1 day without customer service response.


And what happens when you try the second number? Did it worked? What happens?


it is displayed “incorrect code”


Still no customer service response, be it here, facebook or chat-app …


My account too is locked. I need to do some urgent payments. Please help me!


2 day without customer service response.


3 day without customer service response.


Customer service responses seem to take rather long here to my mind. This definitely needs improvement and might be a big reason why people should not do a full switch. Just imagine Revolut being your only account and then getting blocked without a chance of a direct phone contact.