its IMPOSSIBLE to change the PIn code in your new VISA


Contacting support from the chat is like talking to…

I have received the new Revoult Visa replacing the mastercard that I had (very bad decision)

I cant change the PIN from the app, there is no possibility so I should go to an ATM. But the question is WHERE IN THE WHOLE PLANET IS THE ATM???

I’ve been in 7 different banks in Spain, in 4 in Portugal, I dont know how many in Hungary and ANY of the ATM offers the possibility to change it???

You cant get the option or directly have a message saying service is unavailable. Can you PLEASE take this serious and open a case with VISA or whoever and fix this issue. Because let me tell you it is not a problem of the ATM it is YOUR CARD.

Hope that someone reads this.


why will be deleted?