It's 2019. It's time for a web app 😡

This is over :partying_face: I feel really confident now all needed features will be coming soon. As a result, I’ll also be using Revolut more, as it’s looking a lot less as an app for fun money and more as what your bank should look like. Not there yet though.

Next crusade: Create joint accounts! :crossed_swords:

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Link sends me to the “Enter phone number for link to download app” screen

I did that but have received nothing in response… :thinking:

Likewise I gave my number in case it was a slightly different way in but like you I got no response. I assume that as I already have the app at the number I gave, the system assumed I am a complete moron and ignored me. On another thread for the same subject it was suggested it was being rolled out in stages. Shame that Revolut, as usual, can’t be bothered telling it’s customers what’s happening.

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I received an email from Revolut to a survey that unfortunately doesn’t work, I wanted to reiterate how we miss a proper web app, it’s 2020, pandemic happened, we could do much more and faster from the comfort of our pc with big display, mouse and keyboard, but with revolut is not possible… I hate the trend that you must have a ios/android phone/tablet to use something.

I have a similar problem. I sold my smartphone and bought a Nokia phone … and I have no access to the account. The application for SYMBIAN does not exist. To close the account, I need any smartphone, because I can only do it from the APP. SERIOUSLY ??? And what am I supposed to do now? > - (

Maybe use an android emulator on a pc.