It's 2019. It's time for a web app 😡

Thank you bro I highly appreciate!
I made an article about how I developed it, if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Temporary workaround :wink:

Same Revolut account can be used simultaneously on more devices.
There are several “Android on PC” options.

I completely agree with you and the other people! :+1:

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Does the software updates by itself? Like Spotify/Chrome etc.

Or at least notify the update and make easy to do it.

It’s always a question what place Revolut wants to take in the financial industry. At the moment, they are pretty much in the “modern world” and cater for many things required for this.
But as we all know, many day to day financial requirements are not yet available in the modern world. Take the requirements to pay bills in my home country, Switzerland. We have a traditional yet very advanced system to pay bills containig reference numbers and the like. This all works with any traditional Swiss bank but not with Revolut.
This is a gap between Revolut’s focus on payments by card and companies as well as governmental entities issuing invoices to individuals. Paying your daily stuff in shops is no problem with Revolut but paying these invoices with Revolut simply does not work yet. Changing the way these companies/government issues bills for payment will not happen soon as well.
It’s really a question if Revolut shall ever support these traditional payment processes or not. It’s basically also the question if Revolut aims to be a bank people use for all their transactions they face during a month or if Revolut want’s to stay in the “card payment” business.

At the moment, in Switzerland, it’s simply not possible to use Revolut for all requirements put on you as an individual and you need a bank account. This traditional bank account has still the main focus for many financial transactions with Revolut as a product for card transactions, in addition to the traditional bank account.

So the question comes down to where Revolut sees itself in a few years time. Do they really want to become the company for all finance transactions in all countries they are doing business now, then they need to invest a lot of money to be present in all these markets with many local specialities to care fore. I don’t know any traditional bank that does this. Or they stay with their current business model to be mainly a card issuing company with the possibility to do some occacional, traditional payments.

Depending on this anwer from Revolut, it is or is not required to have a web interface as well.

But for now, IMHO, more imporant than providing a web interface is getting a reliable and available support together in case of problems where each user gets an answer within max hours for any problem, not days or weeks as it’s today if you look at certain other threads in this forum.


This is a great point of view :grin::+1:t2:

As a former foreign Swiss resident, the most painful thing you must do is payments.

You keep all your invoices when they arrive and process the orange and red slips on a Sunday. Depending on the amount of invoices you get (and you get invoiced for anything) you need to spend some time, hours even, if everything goes fine.

Even in my home country, Spain, you sometimes need to review your payments, copy/paste something or download a receipt for a bank, insurance or taxes.

I think I’m not alone when if I have to type more than a phone number I would rather do it on a proper keyboard. Actually, I don’t even type phone numbers, let alone account number, full name, account, reference…

I travel a lot for work. I must keep track of all expenses, often in different currencies. This requires a decent amount of time at the keyboard every week if I want to report everything properly to get my money back (bye bye company credit cards), even when “integration” with systems like Concur works.

A web app is a must for any business which requires typing.

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In Switzerland, what they would have to do is the following (in that order):

1.Get rid of SWIFT transfers for all transactions from/to Swiss accounts
2.Support the new 2020 payment slips with an easy-to-use scan-to-pay interface within the app
3.Establish a new cheap online payment method to easily transfer money from Revolut to Revolut business accounts, including recurring transactions, and convince major PSPs (or at least the major PSP) to integrate it

1 + 2 solves @mabaeyens concern “process the orange and red slips on a Sunday” -> You’d process all of them any time you want with the Revolut app in 2 minutes.

3 is the answer to TWINT, which, albeit slowly, is increasing their market share at the expense of credit card transactions.

But I completely agree with @OliverCH. Whether any of this is relevant completely depends on the company’s strategy.