It's 2019. It's time for a web app 😡

I just got a new phone and my provider’s eSIM service is currently not working properly which prohibits me from activating it.
I haven’t been able to login to Revolut over the last few days.
If this were my main bank account this would be fatal. Even now I’m not comfortable not even knowing my account balance.

The mobile app AND the reliance on the phone number are 2 major issues. Instead there should be a normal email + password login with strong 2FA via TOTP or similar.


I totally subscribe to this! Revolut, please make the web app your next priority!


Indeed time for a way to contact Revolut besides the app! After the recent update (5.40) I couldn’t log in to the app (stuck after TouchID/pin, and then crashed).

Went to the website – right, support only available from within the app (!). Registered on this community site, only to find out that as a new user I can’t post in the Bug section…

Deleting and reinstalling the app solved the problem, but not everyone encountering the problem will know to do that. And if it doesn’t work? ”Who you gonna call…”?

Not being able to contact support, except from within the app, is not acceptable.


The ability to change your phone number via a verified email is coming.

But wait. To change your number. Not to log in. In cases when:
Network is down
Roaming is not working
Nuclear war
Trump gets re elected
And you can’t receive a SMS, you’re still locked out.


Monese fixed this having phone support too…


Agree with that we need webclient


This is also good idea, thanks. Time to buy some smart phone that could be expand to big screen :))

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Time for Progressive Web Apps?


I am another one who would never use Revolut as my main bank unless/until there is a web app available.


Revolut is still a toy bank and has not matured to join the banking club. Unless they can fully utilize their banking license and provide full customer service and a full set of banking products, they will remain a niche product.


I agree, we really need this Web UI, other mobile banking like N26 are doing this.
My home country bank account has this and i use it a lot, i actually don’t use their mobile app at all.
If i loose my phone i don’t want to have to buy another one just to access and control my money.

N26 gets more appealing im waiting for them to become fully available in my country, bunq is another good one they have an API so programmers can control their account, they also have an emergency web page to check your account and freeze your cards in the event of loss or damage.

You have a business interface, i dont see how this code cant be adapted to personal accounts!


I completely agree man, it will be great


A web app is also super useful when you don’t have a modern enough phone. And of course it’s a must-have, at least in case of emergency. Too bad revolut does not take that seriously.


A web interface would be very useful to do transactions and have an overview and manage your account from another device than your phone.
I’m traveling a lot and the risk of losing/damaging my phone is pretty real.

If you don’t have the chance of getting a new phone/sim then at least you should be able to login with 2FA to a web interface to keep your money in check.

Simple not using your card is not a real option if you want to rely on it as a primary means of payment.

Web interface, now please.



At least a rudimentary web account to change information and to block/unblock cards.


I’m sure Revolut is working on this but secretly still. I mean, we’re talking about money here, and I’m sure when they are ready to release a web version they will release a spetacular looking plataform.
Much like their mobile apps.


Mentioned this before.
If anyone is so concerned about having a web version use Blustacks.

Got mine set up perfectly. On windows 10 and can access most apps


bunq now has a web app. When is :r: ready?


It’s done, when it’s done. :sweat_smile:


Soon ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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