It's 2019. It's time for a web app 😡

Those are all valid points, and none of the points I made were about convincing anybody that they shouldn’t offer web banking, or that those “problems” can’t be solved. My guess is, their decision to not offer it already, is mainly a business decision. I am relatively sure they evaluated this more than once, and decided to prioritize something else. To invest in something else instead. And the points I made were just some of the points I came up with that could have been relevant.

I wasn’t suggesting that. With “sort of”, I was referring to the difference between a MVP (like N26) or a more comprehensive (web) application.

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Frankly I would be happy to pay more to get the web app!

Sorry to hijack this thread but I CANNOT find how to start a topic of my own - just trying to find out what kind of protection Revolut’s crypto has if they go bankrupt? Thanks.

So Revolut has either to decide what target group they put first or allocate their resources to satisfy both needs I suppose. In the end a web app seems to most people without a development-background like a trivial essential though and since there are not only two dudes demanding one, it probably would be a good move of Revolut to announce if they are working on something or dont intend to do anything about it.
I demand an answer if my needs will be satisfied! If yes I will kick Transferwise out the door and put up more funds on Revolut, but if not (as most dudes in a relationship) I will keep cheating on Revolut and constantly get down good on Transferwise! :wink:


I agree, it is necessary the web portal!!
All banks, like Revolut, have one!!


Just wanna add my 2c: I also think a web app would be super nice to see. And to the people that said here that a web app is “old school” and “anti-disruptive”: I vehemently disagree, in fact, I’d say having a web app is the complete opposite of old-school. Services these days are more and more expected to be ubiquitous and not bound to a single device type. In fact, probably the most modern approach I can think of is having ONLY a web app and running it on all platforms, including mobile. Different form factors come with different strengths, and especially for banking there’s quite a lot of use-cases that would be more effective & comfortable to carry out on a big screen.

I use both N26 and Revolut, and while I generally much prefer Revolut’s UI, features, and general vibe, the N26 web app is extremely useful and convenient to have, especially when needing to grab PDF statements, managing standing orders or just for checking your balance real quick while sitting at your desk.


+1. I seriously dislike doing sophisticated or serious tasks using my phone. Money transactions are exactly that.


Even if it was true, wouldn’t losing your phone worry you a little?
Maybe you never lose your phone, what if it gets stolen?

I didn’t know that Frank. Thanks for the reminder.
Here is the reference if anyone is interested:

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Issue is: when your phone (and card) get stolen - how to call the phone-number? (other than hoping that a friendly receptionist helps you out in the hotel lobby) :wink:


In that case you could try where they offer a hotline. However, you’re right: I never lost a phone. Manly because it’s quite expensive to do so. I never had a phone stolen as well. In that case I need to rely on the phone’s and companies security.

Anyways: There are many apps out there with no web interface and if that’s the concept it might have various reasons. Revolut is free for Standard users but those users cause costs as well. Business e.g. has different structures.

And if there’s a web app you need that friend or friendly receptionist to let you use their computer. And most likely you’ll log in to your account from a machine you don’t control and more of a problem: a web app will require 2FA. So I hope you then carry backup codes printed out or quickly receive a replacement SIM to receive the SMS. :woozy_face:


True that, BUT every hotel has a public “internet station” in the lobby - so people can do the online-checkin for their flight.
The only thing you need: access to that station, your login-name and password to reach the “block the card”-feature.
Obviously, the web-app should have more functionality, which could be hidden behind a “two factor-autentification” - but the “twofactor” shouldn’t be needed for the “block the card NOW”-thing, as one’d have the need for that only, if both card and cellphone are “gone”…

ALSO the webapp wouldn’t need to call an international phone-number, which in several countries might cost some SEVERE fees.

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It is now available.


Why there is not official info about this feature from Revolut? :thinking:

Follow this post thread:

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This is over :partying_face: I feel really confident now all needed features will be coming soon. As a result, I’ll also be using Revolut more, as it’s looking a lot less as an app for fun money and more as what your bank should look like. Not there yet though.

Next crusade: Create joint accounts! :crossed_swords:


Link sends me to the “Enter phone number for link to download app” screen

I did that but have received nothing in response… :thinking:

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Likewise I gave my number in case it was a slightly different way in but like you I got no response. I assume that as I already have the app at the number I gave, the system assumed I am a complete moron and ignored me. On another thread for the same subject it was suggested it was being rolled out in stages. Shame that Revolut, as usual, can’t be bothered telling it’s customers what’s happening.

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