It's 2019. It's time for a web app 😡


Don’t get me wrong, I love the service, a metal kind of love, and use it all the time. However, exactly because of it, I’m getting increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of a single touch point.

It is simply unacceptable to be able to operate your account only from a mobile phone. Risk of damage, loss, theft, etc is just too high. There has to be a way to connect to a web account and cope with any of these issues without risking a heart attack.

Now is this coming and when?
No “Coming Soon” please… No more shit.



It’s 2019. Time for no web app.

There should be an easy way to deactivate things when you lose your phone along with the wallet. But for everything else the app is absolutely sufficient and the modern way to go.



What do you mean? Deactivating the app? What’s that? There is Find My Device on Android or Find My iPhone for iOS if you need to “deactivate” anything AKA wipe your phone. That’s the only thing Revolut does not need to care about.

What I mean is exactly everything else but deactivating. And it’s not “sufficient”, it is plain critical and needed ASAP.

Please do provide an ETA for it.



Have you ever had an extended session with support?
I’d rather not have to type a longer text on my phone.



This is exactly the point. There must be a way to deactivate things. Is there anything like this now?

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Exactly right. I’ve been talking to support and they sent me a url to fill out, that was so fun on my phone.



N26 does provide you with a web access. Although not a seamless experience as Revolut, I’m valuing them more and more. They do have a web application and they do protect deposits up to €100000.

Maybe the user experience is not as great, but they seem to get the fundamentals right. What’s the point of a banking license if you don’t roll out the benefits to your customers? Are you waiting for them to jump ship?

The blog is filled with champagne bottles and fireworks and wonderful announcements, but after years (two since requests for a web app has been loudly voiced out in the forum) we still have a single touch point.



Wiping your phone does not deactivate credit cards. And that’s the only thing that really matters.

There’s nothing critical about this whatsoever. Stop being so dramatic. It may be nice, but only if there are no side-effects for app users. For example, I don’t want to have to remember additional credentials (maybe that’s great for people who hack a lot, but for me that’s an additional attack vector), or have a worse user experience for every-day tasks, just because some people don’t value speed and usability, or maybe have bad eyesight or whatever makes them think a web app would be great. I love the Revolut app and I don’t see any added value except more complexity, additional feature delay, and a clunky UI that would eventually be reflected by the native app.



Indeed I have not. But that’s something entirely different. Their ticketing tool can just provide you with a case-URL that you can use on any device and/or browser. For this a simple front end would be sufficient without having to port the whole app and come up with new login mechanics, new UI and UX for all their features.



Alright, thanks for the feedback. If your only touch point is an app, and you lose access to the device on which it is installed, of course there’s no other way for you to freeze your cards. You could if you had a web app in addition though.

Frankly, I think that losing your phone and all your cards in one go to be such an extreme case. There are ways around it though. For example you can enable location based security and wipe your phone remotely. That makes your cards unusable as well as your phone.

If you don’t care about the web app please just move on and leave this thread to people who care. That would be really appreciated.

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They offer a web app for business customers already so this reason is already invalidated



Well, I think there is probably a reason why they only offer it for business customers.

This does not work if the phone is immediately switched off, which is standard procedure. At least that’s my understanding of how location based security is currently implemented. But anyway, you are right that it is an extreme situation, and I think there’s a phone number you can call in such cases.



Web apps are useful. When you have to make 10-15 payments on 15th of the day to different merchants you’ll want a web app.

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You’re talking about a banking website like everyone had in 2000, “web app” is a marketing invention and does not make it any more modern.

But in 2019 you actually want payments to be directly integrated into other processes and services (PSD2), to be sent as one-click payment requests, or maybe print/send and scan some code with the Revolut app and just pay. Requesting archaic stuff is not going to help the “revolutionary” cause. Even if you really think banking should be about entering IBANs, then Revolut still has a lot of other things to do first, namely getting the processes right for wire tranfers in local currencies for all their customers.



Dude. I’m making payments within 3 continents (America, Asia and Europe).

IBAN and direct debits are only available for payments within Europe and few other countries.

Think wide. We use banks more than getting lollipops from corner store.

Ps. The same reason why business accounts have a web interface. But some non business personal transactions might get 10-15 payments in a day. So… :man_shrugging:

I’m using TW for that. Web interface and transparency about the fees.

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I understand, but for non-professionals daily/weekly wire transfers from/to multiple continents is a niche use-case. Especially since Revolut is not trying to be “yet another” bank. Again, I don’t mind the feature per se, but for a revolutionary mobile service there are currently still a lot of other things to do. Features are competing for resources and this is a huge one. Also, even before this would be useful for most people in your situation they would have to work on the basics and establish reliable and fast payment flows from/to local bank accounts.

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When im working on PC or on :man_technologist:t3:, if I need to do something on :r:, I dont want to switch to smaller screen if I dont need to do that. When im doing something with online banking, im not using mobile app if I dont need to use it. Web app for :r: would be really useful.



This will not be a solution for everyone, but people with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer and a Huaweii phone can connect their phone to a desktop mointor and use the Revolut app in desktop mode.



I think the same a web app should be great!!!

As convenience and backup

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Personally, I would never use a bank without a web app, but with Revolut I only top up small amounts at a time for spending money, so it’s not a big deal. If Revolut want to move from being a prepaid travel card to a serious bank, though, for me a web app is non negotiable.