ITALY Free ATM Withdraw please!

Gonna get to Italy tomorrow. Please tell me which banks ATMs do not charge withdrawal fee? Thank you!

It looks like you should be fine using your card there @Dean111. However most machines don’t charge to withdraw cash there at all, so literally just look for a machine and withdraw (this excludes euronet ATMs as they cost between 2.5€-5€ per withdrawal).

Some smaller stores may have a high minimum spend and may also not accept card at all, so carry a good amount of cash. Don’t rely on contactless! (make sure to take your physical card)

Be weary of ATMs in tourist areas as people that will try see your card and swipe it are apparently rife. On top of this it uses magstripe occasionally so beware skimming.


My advice for Italy try to use bank-based ATM.(Same for most places). I prefer in bank, rather than outside. Less chance of skimming and better security.

Have a look at this list:

Back home now. I used Cariparma (Credit Agricole) and got 0 fees. Thanks guys!

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