Italian resident in Canada signed up a.k.a. Revolut account terminated

Hi everyone.

A few months ago you offered the Revolut card for, I guess, 1M+ accounts/cards.
I tried to sign up from Canada even though I was using my Italian phone number etc. Right before the end end of the offer you terminated my account so I couldn’t benefit from it. Why?

I’m still a permanent resident of Italy (not of Canada) so I’m allowed to get the card.
I tried to solve the issue with the support both on the app and on Facebook but they didn’t solve my problem. How can I do? There’ve been many times where I needed it…

Were do you live? In Canada or in Italy?

They can’t sent cards outside the economical euro zone. Just put your Italian address and ask for a family member to forward it to you.

When I applied for Revolut I was in Canada temporarily for studying but now I’m moving back to Italy in 20 days