It really starts to seem as if Revolut is trying to hide something

Something. Anything. I don’t even know what.

They started by closing and unlisting Revolut needs to learn about the purpose of a forum for no reason whatsoever (nobody participated there for two years).

Next, they did the same to Topic unlisted out of the blue where I specifically asked why.

@klusek, you did send me a private message and usually I would have continued there, however after you hid the second message as well I prefer to discuss this publicly. Please share why these threads were hidden? Thank you


I don’t know what jurisdiction you are in but there are heavy penalties on financial institutions by UK HMRC, accountants, banks and the like if they either fail to report certain activities or tell the client that they have. It’s not clear if you have accepted that as a requirement.
Before retirement, I ran a UK business and my accountants were quite clear about this. Its purpose is quite clear; to alert the client could mean a custodial sentence on them!
Here is one reference - and there will be many more I’m sure if you dig deeper.
So yes, in direct answer to your question, :r: may well be hiding something which under UK law they are legally obliged to do and no amount of pestering will (can) cause them to alter their stance on certain issues.
And before you ask, yes - I have read your linked thread - it was going nowhere anyway apart from round in circles, Their forum, their choice! Nothing to stop you forming and funding your own resource, of course :wink:


Maybe its automatic forum feature - autohiding old threads, which they enabled recently.

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It is not, it was manually unlisted. As was the second thread from a few days ago.

Perhaps if you made it clear what you are actually asking then people might have something you feel is useful to contribute :wink:
Why post links to things if you are not relying on them as a resource to aid an understanding your question?

Well, I would assume it should be pretty obvious and if it is not to you, then I am sorry. moon seemed to have understood what it was about.

The overall question is why a two year old thread criticising Revolut was suddenly unlisted without any reason. The thread was not even active. And no, aforementioned speculation is not the reason.

As everyone will know, we have undergone a very big change in our application, how it looks and the amount of features it has. We have also undergone rebranding recently.

With that being said, we are working on creating a more engaged community, as we value this space and the users who use it. We are doing a little clean up of old posts which are not active or do not hold value to the current features.

We need to clearly state that we are not hiding anything, we are simply doing some house keeping here to make sure that all the posts are on topic and are valid (helpful to users now), as some posts are outdated and not active.

We are doing our best to keep as much as we can and this process may take some time.

We hope that the new changes will be welcomed and that we will all be able to benefit from what is to come.


@klusek, I appreciate your response, thank you. I understand there are big changes coming up as far as the end of the Brexit transition period is concerned as well as the banking licence, however it is not clear to me how these should be connected to the community here or that thread in particular.

The thread was admittedly critical of Revolut but that should not be a reason to unlist it, should it? Apart from that the thread was inactive for two years, but so are many other threads and they do not all get unlisted either. Furthermore also my original follow-up thread was unlisted and that thread was only a couple of hours old.

Anyhow, I appreciate your response and assume that we will not manage to get a more detailed explanation, so I’d leave it at that. @klusek, please feel free to close this thread at your discretion, however please let it not be unlisted again. Thank you.

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Today the license of Wirecard Card Services UK was suspended by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Some fintech related news sites say Revolut relies on Wirecard UK for some of its operations.
Many ppl would be glad if Revolut informed its customers whether or not this is true and if true, how Revolut’s operations are impacted by this.
Of course If it wasn’t done already (maybe I missed it)

I read that about 1/3 of all current Revolut cards were issued by Wirecard. As their license was suspended by the FCA, I think it is time for Revolut to state if any card already are or might be affected if further Wirecard companies are suspended or go bankrupt.

I have seen statements from Curve (I am affected as I have a Curve card) and MCO (not a customer). I also have a card from boon.PLANET which was issued by Wirecard. The website is dead and I haven’t received any updates from them in the last few days.

Please, Revolut, give your customers an update even if we aren’t affected at all (yet).

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Well, it looks like Revolut posted something on Twitter:

But not everyone is on Twitter or reads it all the time. An email to all customers, a banner on their website and in the app would be the best to reach as many as possible in a short time.


Thank you for the info, good to know.

If boon planet is the “boon app” which is mentioned in various places in the media (e.g. people were offered 0.75% interest rate for deposits through the boon app), that is -apparently- the same as Wirecard Bank. The bank part (full bank, not e-money) of Wirecard group is supervised directly by the German regulator, and a trustee was named to safaguard the assets in the bank.
Any money stored (as deposit) in the bank part of wirecard is insured up to 100.000 euro, plus there is a common guarantee scheme of German bank which the Wirecard Bank is also enrolled in.
I am not involved with this, but if you have deposits with the Wirecard Bank or entities operated by Wirecard Bank (not WC group in general) probably you will get back your money.

For example:

“The good news for customers of Wirecard Bank is that their money is protected because the unit is part of a group of German lenders who have pledged to insure one another’s depositors should a bank run into trouble. Each depositor has up to 19.7 million euros of funds which are eligible for that guarantee, according to a spokesman for the Association of German Banks. The depositor’s nationality doesn’t matter.”

Boon ≠ Boon Planet (both products are “apps”).

Boon is a product of Wirecard Card Solutions Limited, UK. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has suspended service for Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (WDCS) earlier today.

Boon Planet is provided by Wirecard Bank AG, Germany, and currently less affected by the bankruptcy of Wirecard AG.

Thank you for the clarification.
The original poster I replied to mentioned boon planet, so that is indeed run by WC Bank.