It has been 3 weeks since I cannot acess the app. Keep getting errors

In short Revolut app randomly crashed and I got logged out of it.
In order to log-in I have to provide my phone number and then the passcode which I do not remember as I always used the print scanner. I have tried multiple times to click on “forget?” and enter last 4 digits of my card but I always get an error message of some sorts. And occasionally I am not even able to get pass the phone number step as an error popsup.
I cannot access the help center via app or do anything… I cant even transfer my money and close my revolut account…
And I tried to reinstall the app multiple times without any improvement and contacted Revolut via FB, but they left me hanging… it has been 3 weeks since I’m logged out.
I hope to find a fix to this problem, but I am no sure that I can ever put my trust in revolut services again.

Are you sure that you are providing last four digits of card used for last top up? (NOT Revolut card)


Thank you so much!! I cannot believe that no one suggested me this when I contacted them on FB. Sucks to have English as your 2nd language!

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Good to know that it was helpful :+1:
(BTW. My English sometimes sucks too :wink: so don’t be sad)