It all adds up to 200

Further to a chat with support, I can withdraw up to 200 a month. If I withdraw 150 GBP I can then withdraw 50 Euro / 50 USD or visa versa or just 200 of any of those currencies. As long as the total is 200 regardless of the exchange rate.

But if I withdraw other than USD / GBP / Euro, then the limit is 200 in the my base currency. Is his correct @anon33247966 ?

Hello @Dee,

Let me clarify, ATM usage is free for up to £200 (€200/$200) a month, after which there will be a 2% fee applied to further ATM withdrawals until the end of the month. So if your base currency is GBP then you have 200£ (or equivalent).

Is there a way to figure out when the 200(£/€/$) is reached for the current month?

@pax Yes, you can check the ATM allowance in the app. Go Profile Section --> Price Plan and swipe on left to find ATM Withdrawals. :slight_smile:

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