Issues with Vault



The new Vault function dosen’t seem to work properly when buying in NOK (Norwegian kroner). For instance. When I bought something for 24 NOK, 1 NOK was added to the vault. When I bought something for 29 NOK, 1 NOK was added to the vault, but when I bought something for 45 NOK, 1 NOK was added to the vault, why is that?

It’s logical that 24 and 29 rounds up to 25 and 30, but not that 45 rounds up to 46. In that case it should have rounded up to 50 NOK and added 4 KR to the vault. In reality, had it worked correctly 24 should have rounded up to 30 NOK as well.

Has anyone had simular issues?



The Spare Change feature of Vaults is obliterating your pennies. I made a payment of USD 11.99 and is was rounded up to USD 12.00 and as e result USD 0.01 was transferred into my CHF vault, USD 0.01 = CHF 0.00. Therefore I lost a penny. Also you can only enable Spare Change for a single vault. This is really bad design, the money should be stored in their own currency and only converted once you take them out. I advise everyone that uses multiple currencies DO NOT USE the Spare Change feature, it will eat your money.



How do you disable the feature?



More -> Vaults -> Clik the vault -> Fund -> Tick the “Spare change” box to turn it off.

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OK, thanks. I haven’t created any vaults yet, so that’s why I got confused.



Today I exchanged € 26,22 to 250 NOK and later spent 150 NOK online. Surprisingly 100 NOK (€10,47) went to my € vault. Why? How can I prevent this? I want only payments in my local currency (€) to be considered for savings to my vault.



I would have expected the following to happen:

  • the remaining € 0,78 x 10 (accelerator enabled) of the NOK -> EUR exchange to be transfered to my vault (nothing was transfered to my vault)

  • NOK payments to be ignored because my vault is in €

@AndreasK can you confirm this bug? Or explain the logic behind this transaction (previous post)? Thanks.

What will happen if I create a NOK and a GBP vault? Will savings from € payments go to my €-vault, NOK to my NOK-vault, etc.? Or will this cause even more chaos?




Creating another vault in a different currency (NOK) won’t help… “round up your spare change” can only be active for a single vault. :frowning: Support wasn’t very helpful. 150 NOK is rounded up to 160 NOK? Really? Well, I deleted my vault again. Nice idea, but poor implementation?



Well, it would be great if someone from Revolut can either confirm this bug or tell if this is intentional?



Not sure how Vaults work with NOK and what’s the value of 1 NOK in other currencies, but I have a similar problem with a Vault in GBP.

When I make a purchase with a round value (e.g. 6 or 7 pounds), 2 GBP (1GBP x2 with the accelerator enabled) are moved to my Vault.

It seems to me that something similar happens to you. Even though your charges are round, Revolut “rounds up” to the next integer and transfers 1 NOK to your Vault (I assume you don’t have an accelerator).

Hope that makes some sense…



After they finished the initial bug, I have had no issues. If I buy something for let’s say 24 NOK, 6 NOK is added to the vault. If I buy something for 30 NOK, 10 NOK is added to the vault. Not sure why you’re having issues.



My main problem is the change from NOK back to EUR.
You can have wallets and vaults in different currencies and the rounding should go to the matching vault and if there is no matching vault it should be ignored.



I have a similar situation with the THB vault. The numbers don’t seem to make any sense. For example: I spend 50 THB. It added 1 to my vault. I just spent 248 THB and it also added 1 to my vault. It seems like I get, at most, 1 THB added (plus the multiplier) regardless of the charge which kind of defeats the purpose.

Also a suggestion: money is sent to the vault when a charge is authorized, not when it is captured. Every time a service authorizes a small value to test my card (and then releases the authorization), the change still goes to the vault. It should either also undo the move to the vault or wait until the charge is actually captured before moving money into the vault.



Edit: This issue was solved well by Revolut complaint team and i am satisfied that even it took to claim that complaint instead of getting it sorted through normal chat support, so remove this complaint from here.