Issues with support & chat


Dear Revolut,

Since 2 days I am waiting for anyone from the support to validate my Source of Funds.
Since 3 days my money are blocked on my account and all I got was two 5-min sessions (with 24h delay between them) with two support members, who were not able to understand my french payslips and bank statements (sorry, but those are the only ones I have while living in France). I had to execute an urgent transfer (which is why I decided to do it with Revolut), but instead got blocked.
In order to accelerate the process, I’ve even got the Premium (falsely expecting the support to faster resolve the validation and finally let me transfer the money). All in vain: now the Send button in the chat is inactive and I cannot even send any message (see a printscreen below).

Metal card? Premium service? Better than your bank?..
Nope, 24 hours on average to reach the support instead. Will I be ever willing to continue the premium? I guess, the answer is obvious. Very disappointed.



I came to :r: because previous guys took 48hrs to respond.



I have the same issue. My information is not verified yet so I am kind of stuck to use Revolut as I need. I have sent a few messages on help section live agent but no one is replying. Can anyone take care of my issue? I mean now!

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