Issues with Revolut app - constant error messages


Hi, I tried to register to Revolut from my iPhone SE (last iOS, last Revolut app). My experience from the app is very bad as almost in every step I went through (registration, top-up card, getting a new virtual card), I saw messages as “Requested limit time-out”, or “your operation could not be finished (or similar)”. What is going on? I tried LTE (great connection, full signal), Wi-Fi network, the behaviour is the same. Please note in despite that the error messages above was shown within app during my registration process, the process (eventually) finished on background - I mean fe. toping-up my card with funds ended with error, but after closing the Revolut app and reopening it, the funds were actually added to my account. I am really worried using this Revolut cash service as its behaving like this. Thanks for reply.