Issues with refunding


Noticed issue with refunding (at least 2 times personally). Refund was made by online shops, but these amount were not Credited. And only after direct contact with support it was.

Refund - means supplier returns back paid amount for cancelled or not succesful order.


This is tricky because you can only top-up with cards where you are the holder.

This question should be a part of Revolut FAQ as I guess this situation will start getting common as people are using Revolut more and more.


I encountered the same issue once. Revolut had received the refund but not applied it to my account. A phone call to the support team was all it took to resolve the issue but I wonder if Revolut are doing something about this so that all refunds, once received and cleared, are applied back to the customers’ account without further prompting.


This issue has been now resolved. Refunds are automatically processed in the user’s account as soon as they’ve reached our end.


Hi there,

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy new year. I have exactly the same issue : although Aliexpress has assured me that my refunds (it’s two) have been already credited (since the 3rd of January), I cannot trace them in my Revolut’s account.
Please advise.


Hi @Ende_Neu,

As I can see both refunds have been reached your account yesterday. Please let me know if you have further enquiry!


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK,

Indeed, problem is solved, thanks to Katarzyna who was really helpful on that. Thanks!