Issues with Payment.

Wed.May 16. 2018
I have sent payment of 52 EU via Western Union to some privet company in Russia.
Despite the fact that the payment went through WU and was confirmed,on Revolut app it appears as ‘Pending’ 15 hours later!
What the heck?! Is it called as a good and reliable service like promoted?! It appears that using Revolut doesn’t make a sense once money transfer takes as long as Bank transfer!

Did you made a SWIFT transfer to someone in Russia (using :r: ) ???
Did you made 2 seperate transfers using WU & :r: ?

How exactly did you send the money from Revolut to Western Union?

Well,I created an account on WU and sent money by using Revolut card. Immediately got a confirmation of successful transfer on WU and-voila!

Sounds like a card payment. Consider this: the status of a card payment isn’t under control of the card issuer. It is only the merchant and their payment processor. All card payments are pending until the merchant settles the final amount. This is not related to Revolut but just how credit card networks work.

So it already went through on Western Union’s side (and the recipient can withdraw it)? It will be “pending” for a while and then switch to “complete”. Everything fine in that regard.

Have no idea of necessity of creating SWIFT transfering…
And - why should I make two separate transfers??..

Fair enough! But then - from the point of express transfer it is not as such… Maybe it is faster than Bank transfer,but not not as instant as PayPal!

What do you mean by express? Western Union already received the money.

You did a card payment. All card payments are pending for a while.

Ok then! Nothing left but wait for the next 24 hours! :):slight_smile:

Yes! But the target was not WU! Receiver was the target!

It depends. Usually, payment processors settle this in batches, not each payment on it’s own. Many do that daily, some only once a week. But it doesn’t matter. Since the payment network already guaranteed the payment through the authorization. So WU already can use your money. This is one of the whole points of how payment networks like Mastercard work. It doesn’t matter how long sth. is pending. The funds are also already blocked in your account, you don’t have access to them anymore.

I am not quite sure what you mean. How is Western Union involved?

He did a card payment to WU and then sent the funds to a third party.

Exactly! Payment through WU to third party!

That is what I understood too, but in this case Western Union should already have the funds and be able to forward them. He denied that though.

Wow! Very educative! Thanks a mill! Really grateful for this explanation!


Thanks,guys for participating and bringing a light!
It is just my beginning with Revolut - little by little,step by step…