Issues with MasterCard Securecode Top Up

I’m just after setting up my account and want to top up using my own debit card. I typed in my card details and the amount I want to top up by, and then it brings me to another page with my MasterCard Securecode. And when I tap on it (to type in my password) the screen goes blank. All it has is an X in the corner to exit. And I end up having to cancel the transaction every time. Anyone know how to resolve this? I could do a bank transfer, but I figured this would be quicker

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:

In the web browser view, try to zoom out, or scroll to the top. Sometimes the integration is not the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tell me if it changes anything, please

Ok. How do I view it in a web browser? I can only do it in the app. And it won’t let me zoom out :see_no_evil:

This issue i thought only affected “verified by VISA”, apparently the same thing happens with mastercard top ups aswell. Android i assume?

I suspect the dev team@revolut is on it.

That’s what I meant with web browser view, the app itself :slight_smile:
Guess it depends on your bank integration :confused:

Ah ok :laughing: but yeah, that made no difference unfortunately. I’ll keep trying but hopefully someone from the development team can sort it out!

Hi all! Since the last Revolut upgrade, 2 days ago, I can’t top up with my Visa V-Pay debit card any more, for more than 1 time. Maybe because the app doesn’t ask me for the Visa securcode any more? At the moment, in order to top up I have to delete my debit card and open a new one (the same) and, just for the first top up action, it works… then stops working. Please help.


This is a normal behaviour. What does exactly happen? :confused:

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Thabk you for your answer! When I try to top up, after the first time, the message is " Your top-up request was declined by your bank…". The only way to top up is deleting the card and re-insert the same card. The first time it works. Please note that this bug started only since 2 days…

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Hello again @kurt :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with the in-app support regarding this matter?

Now I try. Thank you for your suggestion.

Hello @kurt, is the 3D secure of your card active?

Hey all,
I have a similar issue that I opened another topic for.
Can’t Top Up and Card Declined

@kurt I have to admit that I also think it was something with the update cause it was working perfectly for me last week.

I didn’t try deleting the card and reinserting it to Top Up so I dont know if that works for me.
But did you also had problems using the Revolut Card, or for you its just the topup?
I dont know if both my issues are related or not to be honest.

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Hi! Thank you for your replay!
Yes, the 3D secure is active. No changes on it…

My previous post was for @AndreasK (sorry for confusion, these are my first posts :slight_smile:).

For @MissG : My problems seem to be just for top-up, not in using the Revolut Card.

For @Juliopp : I contacted the in-app support: they kindly suggest me it should be a problem of my bank (from which my debit card comes). So I contacted my bank but they just say: the debit card procedures are automatic and we did not change anything in the last weeks!

I thought a lot about what changed in the last 2 weeks. Just 2 things:

  1. The Revolut app: a couple of updates
  2. I have a Samsung S7 and and automatic security patch has been automatic downloaded in my phone.

I hope this could be helpful…

Thank you so much to all of you! :wink:

@kurt @MissG

I’ve got no clue, this is strange! :confused:
Hope @AndreasK can come up with a solution :slight_smile:

Ok, just to give you all an update…

So, I contacted the In App support and they told me the issue was on my bank side, that they would need to unlock my card for future topups for Revolut Entity.

This morning, I contacted my bank, and they told me that the requests were indeed denied, because of expiration date issues. They didn’t tell what was the date that was being sent by Revolut, but said, that my card, has the correct validity, and it is active, and should be working, assuming this entity sends the correct data.

And the truth is that I can use this card everywhere else, cause it’s still valid. It seams that Revolut is sending the wrong date maybe?? I don’t know.
I’ll contact again the In App support to see if I can get this fixed asap.

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Hello @MissG :slight_smile:

I had this same issue with a prepaid card in Spain (Wizzo) and they also blamed the bank. After lots of time, it was indeed the bank’s problem, as they were declining the payment for security reasons and that showed as a expiry date mismatch (though they couldn’t see the expiry date where they usually could).

Hope someone from :r: can help you with this :wink:

This is such a disappointment. I’m very very angry and very very very sad and disappointed with Revolut at the moment. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::angry::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

I contacted the In App support (again), and the agent in charge didn’t even wanted to try and solve the problem. Was being very direct to pass the ball to my banks side.
After I explained that I had already contacted my bank (to which the agent kept insisting for me to contact it again insisting on the same thing :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:) and explained that the bank declined the TopUps due to an expiry date validation the agent was unwilling to tell me the Validation Date they are actually sending on the request.

After long conversation, the agent did in fact realized, that Revolut App also got the same error message “Payment via *XXXX failed because of expiry date.” as written by the agent.

She asked me for a statement of my bank proving that the card was still active, which I provided, where clearly stated the validity date (in the future) AND the status Active.

The agent kept insisting that there was nothing she could do, and I should use another card to Top Up… WTH??? I only have one card, that it was working until last week, it works for everything else, the card is valid and active as I sent them the proof, and still she says there is nothing she can do???

I asked several times for the date they had saved/send on the request to see if there was any kind of mismatch which she denied to tell me, over and over.

I have to admit that I’m really disappointed with :r: at the moment. I was really passionate with the idea of Revolut itself, and it wasn’t hard to convince me to join. But now, after this, I doubt I’ll ever use it again. I’ll spend the money I still have on my account, but even if I get/had another card I don’t think I will use :r: again.


Hey @MissG,

Sorry to hear that. @AndreasK, is there anything you can do in this matter?