issues with international transfer

Hello !

I am a bit worried because my transfer from bank of america to revolut has not arrived yet. The money is neither on my bank of america account nor on revolut so I am bit worried as it has been more than 5 days already …

Can anybody advice me on what I should do ?

It was a SWIFT transfer? When did you do it?

I gave the IBAN of my revolt account and I did it on Sunday after noon.

sorry for the mistake : revolut* account

OK so it was executed Monday and it is indeed 5 days. SWIFT transfers are always longer than SEPA, nothing to worry about after 5 days.

Did you put all requested informations in the transfer, especially the Reference Number?

I also know that some bank ask for additional information regarding the intermediary bank for USD transfer, is it the case here?

Yes I put the reference number, the IBAN and my name but I was not sure exactly what to answer because they were asking for a routing number so I put the reference number as the routing number, I hope this is fine.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s how it’s working.

Did you try to reach your Bank and ask for support?

I went to bank of america but they told me that I should still wait a bit to see if it arrives. And I contacted revolut on their support via the application but they should answer to me in an hour now.

OK so Bank of America isn’t even sure that the transfer was correct, great customer service :slight_smile:

Please keep us updated it is interesting :slight_smile:

The support of revolut finally responded to me. I receive my money on my revolt account. Apparently Bank of America did not gave the reference number.
However, I tried to ask where I should put this reference number when I make a transfer but they did not give me a real response so I will probably have the same issue next time …
But at least now I have my money :smile:
Thanks a lot,

Good to know :slight_smile:

5 days ( Monday morning -> Saturday morning ) for an USD SWIFT without a reference number is really nice.

Well done :r:

Hello, my employer sent me a salary on 4th of November but I still have not received them to my revolut account.

The money have been transferred from Canada to my Revolute account where I have CAD account opened. I have provided following information to the employer:

Bank name/address:
Revolut Limited
4th Floor, 7 Westferry Circus
E14 4HD London, United Kingdom

Beneficiary’s name



Could you please help me to find out why the money have not been transferred yet and what the employer has to do next time to avoid issues?

Thanks a lot