Issues with Contactless in Poland

Has any of you had issues with contactless? I’ve used my Maestro in Germany with no problems. But when I arrived in Poland, I’ve had problems with both the physical Maestro and Visa. Contactless setting is on, limit is ok, no indication on the app but the POS machines here just seem to ignore the existence of my cards I have to insert the card everytime

Today, I’ve tried my N26 MasterCard contactless with no problems at all.

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Have you tested those cards on other terminals?
Just to be sure that contactless still works.

Maybe the terminal doesn’t accept maestro or visa?
If was the case it should showed some error message at least.

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Nah, just found out the Visa one probably has the NFC thingy damaged. Maestro and all other cards are ok.

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At least the chip still works right?

I had a card where contactless stopped working randomly once, but nowadays I don’t even use my card, just tap my phone and go.

Usually faster because I don’t need to put my PIN on the terminals

On a totally unrelated subject, I was never fond of contactless, until a scam was discovered in Brazil, whereby the actual POS machines were hacked, making the use of the chip more problematic than contactless. If I could, I’d have the contactless limit reduced to 0.01, just so that I was asked for the PIN everytime I used it.

But yes, banks do trust it, so… they know better right? (LMAO)

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I’m a Brazilian in Brazil, the most common scam here are PoS of delivery guys with a broken screen so you don’t saw the value and they put a higher value hoping you won’t notice.

There’s also a scam where they use a fake/broken terminal so you would insert your card, type your PIN and it would fail your transaction (saving your card info and PIN), so they would grab another terminal that would work and later would appears some random on-line purchases on your card.

What I do pro avoid it is basically only using my card thru Apple Pay (since it uses an unique token number per transaction, so if a terminal capture it, it’s useless) and on my physical card non-presencial/on-line transactions are disabled.

If I want to buy something on a website I create a single use virtual card, or a recurring virtual card that exists until I delete it.


Some background on tokenized payments: The technology is described in the EMV standard. That’s the technology Apple uses. But also every chip + PIN card. When the transaction is made with the chip, it’s a tokenized transaction. The huge benefit of Apple Pay and similar concepts is that SCA (the PIN) is replaced with on device authentication and there’s no way to disclose the PAN, no magstripe or card number printed on the card itself. And systems like Apple allow to use one time tokens also for online payments, where traditional cards still rely on card numbers.

Here’s more about the technology:


As a Brazilian, hearing this makes me cringe. Criminals seem to be always one step ahead, and plastic money, for as much as it seems nice and easy will always have the two big Cons: small people with big criminal minds, and big governments watching our every move. May good old cash never disappear. Anyway, sorry everyone for steering this thread into politics.

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Probably good to add: I had been in Poland in 2022, and managed to withdraw from one of these two (can’t quite recall which, as they have similar names but are not the same institution): Bank Pekao SA or PKO Bank Polski. Try both just in case.

By all means AVOID the ubiquitous Euronet.

But fast forwarding to 2024, if you don’t really need cash, then simply pay everything with your card. Poland now is pretty much like Scandinavia or Brazil, where you can pay for literally everything with plastic money. I’ve paid PLN 3 for a tram ticket and PLN 1 for a photocopy, and spent a week in the country without using cash once.

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Honest guides on YouTube always shows the new ways those evil ATM trick you, now they are checking your balance without telling you so they can harvest fees