Issues with card verif

I can’t verify my card. True support chat but it is not working, can’t see chat history, upload images or new messages from live agents

I have written you a private message to help!

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I previously tried to verify my card before I turned 18. Now that I am 18, the notification saying ‘Your must be 18 years old to use our services’. Why does it not realise that I am now 18? I would love to start using Revolut’s full opportunities ASAP! Someone help!

I keep getting messages from you on drop down screens on my iPhone to reverify my identity.
Are these from you. Because I can’t seem to find a link when I use the app, and don’t want to use these drop downs in case they are fraudulent.
Why do I have to reverify my identity?

I keep having the same problem.I even deleted the app and reinstalled but it keeps giving me this error

I seem to have the same error since Friday. I cannot add any money (not even 20 $) by card. Can someone please help me out here because it is ridiculous. The option to add via bank transfer is not an option as my bank charges money for that and that is exactly why I want to use Revolut. See error message below: “sorry top-up exceeds verifies as account limit. “ I have checked with an agent and my account is verified so what is going on at Revolut??