Issues with card validation


When I try to verify my account, the only option I am given is to top up via card. I have already topped up multiple times with my bank card amounts comfortably over 10 GBP. I am not provided a code to enter from my bank statement or requested to send images of my ID. Am I missing something?

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Are you from the UK?

Also you can check the verification status from the “tab” and then the “profile”

Hey @henrikbjorn.

I am not from the UK but I live and work here. I’ve checked the ‘‘tab’’ and then ‘‘profile’’. When I click ‘‘profile’’ I am taken directly to the top up area that reads ‘to verify your identity, top up your account using a bank card or a bank account in your name’.

Okay. Only asked because some UK users are automatically verified on their first top up.

Have you tried contacting support?

I have been waiting for the in-app support for a while. Hopefully they’ll reach me soon. Thanks for your help anyway.

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Your account is now fully active!:tada:

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