Issues when paying with different currencies

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I have experienced a little issue with paying online with different currencies. (the closest related post would be: Default payment currency)

When I want to make a payment in USD, noting that I have the available balance in USD on my account, Revolut (I assume) converts GBP to USD to make the payment.

How can I ensure that when I have the available balance in a currency, revolut will not convert from another currency to make the payment

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You have to check currency settings in the shop and payment operator - i.e. PayPal (if applicable).

Remember, this conversion is not done by revolut (if you have sufficient funds in corresponding wallet)


The entire ruleset is listed at

Basically, you need to make sure that you have enough funds in the currency of the transaction. If you have enough USD it will deduct it from your USD balance. If not, it will go to your base currency and if there arent enough funds either it will fall back to the currency with the highest balance.

Keep in mind, it will not combine currency pools.


Just posting the thread about the order as the previous link does not work anymore:
Which currency balance will be deducted for spending?