Issues when adding new bank account number for bank transfer


I wonder if I’m the only one experiencing this:

When I want to add a new bank account number for bank transfer, while typing the numbers additional digits randomly show up. Even when I delete those, while typing they keep on appearing again.

I closed the Revolut app. Deleted the cache. Restarted the phone. But the problem still occurs.

I’m on android and using Revolut v.6.6.2

What can be wrong? Why it happens?
I didn’t experience this when writing emails or creating any other documents…

Thanks for your thoughts.

Do you have any keyboard added to the OS in addition to the stock ones? Or a password manager which is trying to take over?

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Hi mabaeyens,
Thanks for coming back to me and trying to help.
No, I don’t have anything like that as far as I know.
That’s why it’s weird because it only happen in the Revolut app… At least I haven’t realised it in other apps.