Issues receiving money


Hi, The Norwegian tax office sent money to my account in july. But nothing appears on my accout!!! I was lucky to check(I nearly forgot about it)
The problem is that revolut lost the money, or can’t find it without the transfert confirmation detailssss.
Very complicated
Is there an easy way to receive money without this problem???
Hope I am not losing more money like that!!


we used to rely on writing the right reference number and different account numbers per currency, but now there is a unique multicurrency IBAN for each of us so everything should be easier


Hey. In order to help you solve this, I would need a few details. Why were they sending you money? Was it because you got tax back, or was it tax you got back as you were leaving the country and because you had been shopping? Regardless, what details did you give them?


Please contact the support in app. This is a community forum and we can’t help here.


Hi there!

Please do not share any sensitive information here. Instead, contact us via in-app support chat and provide us with the bank transfer confirmation so that we can help!