Issue with shipping


I signed up to Revolut. Made a deposit and ordered a card via express delivery.

FedEx seem to have sent it to the wrong country which is very annoying however what the bigger issue is that I was told to go and follow this up with FedEx myself.

I find this very strange, I paid Revolut and Revolut chose FedEx for shipping. Not me. Surely you have contact details for FedEx that you can pick up the phone and see whats going on.

I’ve never been asked by any company to go and follow up on shipping if something hasn’t arrived!

It cost 20euro and I already feel let down. I asked for it to be escalated but this was ignored.


FedEx is not sending packages to the wrong country. I experienced them as a very reliable service. Are you sure that your address is correct in your account ? Do you have a package no. and your country which you could provide ?



Spoke with support. Sorted now. Thanks.


Glad to hear. Have fun with your :r: !