Issue with EUR Direct Debit


I rang my mobile provider (three Ireland) today to set up Direct Debit with Revolut but they were unable to proceed, the agent said they received an error - sort code not allocated? Not sure if this is a problem with Revolut?


Most likely an old database/system at 3. If they don’t know the GB REVO… they need to add it.


I believe you need to use your Revolut Euro account IBAN and BIC and not the sort code /account number.


That was my thought, still thought, makes using Revolut DD difficult if not impossible for a few years while companies catch up.


Not sure what you are trying to do - but since Revolut only provides a sort code for GBP, and furthermore that one isn’t enabled for direct debit anyways, it might not work at all.
Did you give them the GPB account sort code or where did you get the sort code from in the first place?

You can only set up a direct debit with Revolut using EUR/IBAN/SEPA, nothing else.
I’m pretty sure your provider will accept it if done right, Ireland isn’t usually that backwards with it’s technology :slight_smile: Just give them your IBAN and it should work, if not, escalate the thing or choose another provider.


Wouldn’t IBAN be much more useful anyways? Ireland is EU, isn’t it? :grinning:


I gave them both BIC (REVOGB21) & IBAN, they tried to validate but it failed. I’m suspect that their system can’t validate the new BIC. I’ll try and raise a technical issue with Three.


In an inofficial group in Facebook some guy had that problem with They could not pay him because their system didn’t know the IBAN. :roll_eyes:


Well, this is what I said when the Euro Direct Debits were first introduced.