Issue topping-up with BankID (Sweden)


We’ve not heard anything yet apart from I believe @AndreasK has passed along the knowledge of the issue along with some visual reference as to the problem occurring.
I do think they should focus on fixing issues stopping them being a truly “global” solution, but it’s difficult when lots of regions employ each of their own securing technologies, etc.

Just hope we hear something soonish

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Well said. Thank you :slight_smile:



Hi @AndreasK I have the same issue as previous people aswell. Here are some screenshots.
First screen after CVV has been entered for the card and continue has been pressed. Then we click to use Mobile BankID.

Second screenshot we can click on a button to use the mobile bankID on this device. If I click that button the third screen pops up with the error.

If I don’t click that button but instead switch to the bankID app on the phone, then I see the pending transfer and can sign it. But when I did this and went back into Revolut the second screenshot was still appearing and I could only click the “back” button or “start mobile bankID on this device” button, both of which didnt work. The last clickable part is the small text that says “åter” which means go back, and nothing happens when clicking there. I hope this can help the development team more as this bug blocks me and probably many others in Sweden from transfering money, unless we do it the slow way via bank transfers.




I’m new Revolut, but I have exactly the same problem as is described here with the MobileID app and the Revolut top up. I have the latest versions of the iOS and the apps. This is really a deal breaker and needs to be fixed.



This is exactly the same issue I have. Well done with the screenshots. @AndreasK any news?



Same issue, running Android 8, I get the WebView window showing it failed to open the BankID intent. Being a developer working on Android, I find that embarassing.

But I could always use the Nordea card reader and input the code, that doesn’t open any other page, so it “works”. Just a shame I have to use it, because I never have it on me!



Thanks for the tip of using the Nordea card reader! At least it’s a functional work-around.

Still quite disappointed that the Revolution team still hasn’t fixed the issue with Mobil BankID for android after over a year now. My in-laws all use iOS and don’t run into this issue.



Hey guys! The fix for bankid has been released. Could you please try to top up and let us know :wink:



Works like a charm! Thanks!



Still the same issue.

What I have got on iOS 12, Revolut 5.19 (and 5.18), and bank id

I added a credit card (Preem from Ikano bank)

test 1:

Click Top Up.
Wait. The spinner is spinning.
Nothing happens for like 10 seconds
Oops something went wrong.

test 2:

Click Top Up.
Spinner starts spinning.
Try to open Bank Id manually
Sign the request from revolut.
Manually return to Revolut app.
Oops something went wrong.

I guess you are timing up too quickly. Besides, should start bank id automatically or have a button to start it… In the end some solution to top up online could work too?



So, have you given up? Please contact Bankid and / or Nordea since you on your own are not capable of solving it inhouse.

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Unfortunately the fix on the BankID issue does not work for android. I was using iPhone before and I didn’t have problems with topping up my account, now on Android I cannot do that what makes the Revolut useless for me. In my case I cannot bypass the issue using a device for code generating, the visa verification switches me to bankid anyway. Please help me.



Still not working. Amazing. Did revolut simply give up? How is that even possible.



I have almost the same issue with 3 security.
I cannot top up from the card with 3d security using my phone with MIUI 10 (Android 8.1). Before 3d security check screen opens app shows error message then under modal error message appears 3d security check screen (see attached)revolut .
At the same time I can easily top up from my tablet with Android 5.0.1 from the same card. App normally shows 3d security screen and I can enter bank codes.
Thus this is obviously issue in your app on newest Android versions.
It is VERY VERY inconvenient.
PLEASE ask you dev team to check and fix this issue.



It works to top up for me using bankid together with my SEB Debit Mastercard (I’m running android 9 on my device).



Judging by screenshot hankybanister posted he uses SEB (Latvia).
There was topic about it - Topping up by SEB bank (Latvia) card



Thank you moon. But this is not a problem with SEB Latvia. As I said I can top up from the same card on tablet with Android 5.0.1. Moreover on MIUI 10 (Android 8.1) eventually I can see 3D security screen but due to modal error message can do nothing with it.