Issue topping-up with BankID (Sweden)



I have issues topping up my Revolut account. I’m with Nordea and use BankID for authorization (and use Android). The issue happens when I authorize the payment to the Revolut account with BankID and then go back to the Revolut app, it states the the top-up is processing and then later I get a notification saying that it failed.

My friends who use the same bank and BankID do not experience this issue, however they use iPhones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi! I have the same problem and looking for help!


I just signed up. Have exactly the same problem! This seems to be generic for Revolut, Nordea and BankID.
Any response from Revolut?


Same here. After trying to top up my first 10 Eur, I receive a gray blank pop-up (where bank confirmation or something like that should be) and ‘close X’ button at the top left corner. All I can do is to close this window and than this payment is shown as ‘pending’ and declined after some time.

Android 5.1

This is how it looks like:


Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any solutions from Revolut and haven’t found any work-arounds myself. I hope the Revolut team can look into this isuue.


Having same problem.
Card Visa
Country Norway
Bank DNB
Confirmation method BankID Mobile.


This is a big issue. Any response from Revolut? Can one tag to thread?


@AndreasK Can you give some status on this. It is making it impossible to top up via debit and swedish Mobile BankID and android app. Can you please look into it! Huge problem!


It’s not a direct solution to the problem, but it seems a fix to this will take som time so, check your banks offering concerning international transfers. I can send SEK as a bank transfer without any fee straight to the revolut sek account (my bank is SEB). It usually takes 2-3 days so it’s not instant but at least it works.


That I know and that is how I have transferred so far. But it is not valid when topping up abroad. Then it needs to be instant.


Please let me have a look for you.


Today, I succesfully top-upped my Revolut account using card. Thank You Andreas, you’re the best!:kissing_closed_eyes:


With a Nordea debit card? Android and mobile bank id? Running regular android app or beta? I tried and didnt work. When you click use bankid wnd then starta app does it invoke and start the mobile bankid on yor phone then? When I click starta app it returns to screen with card in revolut and nothin else happens.


This does still not work with swedish mobile Bankid.


Do you have any solution? When one click Starta app to start the Mobile bankID one returns to the revolut app and the top up page. One can start the bankid separately and then Revolut comes up and one can sign the transfer. But the signing of the transfer doesnt seem to be picked up by revolut.



Same issue for me on both Android 7.1.1 and Android 8. Must be a bug with the app which I hope they will fix soon. Had to use a backup iPhone I have for topping up


Can you please fix this. This is core functionality, it just needs to work. When I press Starta appen it just returns to top up page.


Are you on Android or iOS?


Android. Still doesnt work. Works on IOS.


Where does it stuck?