Issue on a Cruise.

Just back from a Tui cruise in the Caribbean. I used my Revolut card when checking in to the cruise as a means of payments for extras. Was told by the check in people they would transact a £1 fee to verify the account.

Now when I got back I checked my revolut live statement to see that £257 was debited by Tui at that time and not £1. There were other daily debits by Tui which did tie up with the Tui ship guest bill statement I received plus some other transactions I made on various islands.

I was going to complain to Tui so I did a pdf/print print a statement for January but only the £257 appeared on the actual pdf/printed statement but not the other Tui ship debits as shown on my Tui statement and the live statement on the first revolut opening account page!!? The other island purchases did appear on the pdf/printed statement though.

Can anyone explain this?

Cheers Benn

I think only the transactions with status “completed” are listed on the statements. Can you verify?

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OK I get it now thanks. I have searched the other posts and believe the £257 is a block payment taken by TUI because I used this card. Something I will be aware of next time when checking in.

I’m going on a Royal Caribbean cruise West Mediterranean next month and am wondering if anyone has had any experience paying with Revolut card