Issue during verification step


i’m trying to verify my account via the APP. using my passport and selfie as requested by Revolut. However two times already failed without explain why. I have contacted the customer support via chat from my mobile and no answer at all after hours. So can somebody actually help?
Also is there a way to have a real customer support here?
Please advise, thanks.


Make sure your photos are sharp, well lit, readable, everything unobstructed, and not altered or cropped. Verification is an automated process. If it fails again, provide the documents directly via in app chat. As far as I know, support can verify your identity manually then.


Yes i would like to try that, but the support is not answering at all. So how can i provide it? is there an email i can use to send them the document at least?


Hi Fabo,

Just send the required documentation to support, they are actually quite responsive - they may be having a busy day at the moment.



Hi there. You’ve to use original photos and not screenshots from your PC :slight_smile:


yap done thanks. However now it’s on “processing” since two days and once again the support by chat is not replying at all. Is it normal?