Issue at Tesco pay at pump


I used my card at the Tesco pay at pump today.

When I inserted the card ‘Revolut’ was displayed on the machine, then I inserted my pin as usual. Following this I filled up as normal and got a reciept as usual etc and all was good…

Then when home I checked the app and it says ‘merchant not supported’ etc… so I am really worried…

Surely this should be okay? As I got a reciept etc as normal I am not sure what to do…



Revolut doesn’t support pay at pump as it is a prepaid card which requires authorization for the full amount before drawing fuel, and obviously the pump won’t know how much you have drawn until you have actually done so.

It is supported in the kiosk though where you would be authorizing the card for the full amount.

It’s interesting that the pump even allowed you to use the card at all as normally they wouldn’t.

Is it one of the new Visa ones or an MC?

Regarding the payment itself, I don’t know for sure what will happen but I would imagine when Tesco present the amount for payment it would go through as normal, if you have the balance on the card. If not, I’d suspect the payment would refuse.

Probably best check with support on that one, definitely interested to know the outcome of this one


I filled up £15 fuel, I have £17 balance so hoping it’s okay
It’s a Visa card… thanks


Payment went through successfully