Israel Travel Experience


Hi there,
I have just come back from Israel and would like to share some tips when it comes to using Revolut.

Most of the ATMs accept Revolut Card - I have only used one ATM that did not work with a Revolut Card. However, almost all of them charge a small fee 5.90 NIS (New Israeli Shekel) or 6.90 NIS so draw more money to minimize the fee/NIS.

I highly recommend using ATM Hapoalim machines - they did not charge anything and allowed to select whether you want eg. 1 x 100 NIS or 2 x 50 NIS.

It is good to have an actual money rather than paying with card so go for it!

Card Payments
Swipe Payments ONLY (I did not find any chip payments and only 1 contactless). Make sure to enable Swipe Payments in your App Settings.

Make sure to have a backup card (preferably not a Revolut) because in some places it simply did not work (we had a train to catch in 5 minutes and ticket machine refused our Revolut card so we used a regular card).

TLV Airport
Duty Free zone gives prices in USD, but when paying ask what the price would be in NIS - there was a 10% better price when switching to NIS.

Make sure to have cash with you - you are going to need it on the Flea Markets, in Public Transport and in most of the local stores.

Pro tip - don’t buy NIS in your country, they might give you bad price. Just take some EUR/USD/GBP and exchange without any commission in Israel - it turned out to be cheaper than buying NIS with Revolut and withdrawing from the ATM.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Łukasz,
Where to exchange USD to NIS? At the airport is ok? Or rather in the cities?