Is this some sort of joke? - REVOLUT


No notification, nothing!? I’m asking to please make a statement regarding this “major technical issue”,.


They said they were working on the issue, so I guess the only thing we can do now is wait until it is resolved. They also said to keep the receipts of the things you pay with other cards and that they will refund the transfer costs :):blush:



I agree that some message should be posted on the App interface. Having to check the forums to know what is going on is just going to make more people contact your support.

Has anyone an update on the status of the issue?



Consider upvoting this:

Also, to get recent news, check Twitter:


Quick update, card transactions are working again and app is supposed to be fully working very soon.

I would suggest asking :r: for an explanation. If you incurred in any FX costs, keep the receipt and send it to the support team.


Does anyone know other way to have support from Revolut other then in app chat?


Hey @itaka :slight_smile:

Through :bird:Twitter or here, through the magnificent @AndreasK


Hi there,

Please let me express our apologies for this massive inconvenienced caused.

Unfortunately on Friday 29/09/17, we had a server issue, which was impacting in app functionality & causing card payments to fail.

Once again, apologies!


Andreas K.