Is this a bug? Can't transfer to coinbase


I am based in the UK and I set up a Revolut account to transfer EURO to and from Coinbase UK Limited which has an account in Romania.

I have linked a UK debit card to my Revolut account and made a deposit.

When I attempt to transfer a Euro amount to the Coinbase account I receive a error message stating “Beneficiary is not allowed”.
Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?


Hey @Tears :slight_smile:

Click top-up in the app and select EUR as the currency. Choose Bank transfer as the top-up method and read the information shown (it should let you activate an EUR IBAN).

If you can now see a EUR IBAN in your name, you should be able to make the transfer now :wink:

By the way, it’s official now :loudspeaker: There are more posts in the forum talking about Coinbase than about Lloyds or Barclays… Yay :crazy_face:


It’s not a bug :ant: it’s a feature!

Minimum transfer amount is 1£ converted in any currency. ~1.13€