Is there really crypto currency in revolut?

The way I see it there is no “real” crypto currencies in revolut, since you are not able to:
transfer crypto-currencies from elsewhere to revolut
transfer crypto-currencies from revolut to somewhere else
pay with crypto-currencies for services/goods

Basically you can change “bitcoin” to “horse” in revolut and it would work the same, just convert your EUR to “horses”, and when you want to do any operation with your “horses” convert them back to EUR.

I have not used this feature myself, since I’ve only heard negative feedback, so please correct me if I’m wrong here.

p.s. I feel a bit insulted by the requirement to recruit 3 friends to revolut to get access to crypto features, since I was and still am advocating revolut on various community forums and basically everyone I know.


I subscribe this whole post <3

Hi there.

Thank you for your feedback.

Just to clarify, it’s real crypto - we hold 100% reserves, we buy on your behalf from our exchange partners and your crypto exposure is stored on our internal ledger, where you can manage your crypto within the app.

You cannot spend cryptocurrency exposure directly on your Revolut card at this time. However, cryptocurrency will be exchanged automatically to fiat currency if you desire.


Andreas K.

Will you ever bring the feature in that I can send bitcoins to external addresses and receive. I have a therapy business and have people pay me by crypto and I would join your premium service if you could use the currency. What’s the point in holding the currency when you can’t send to people or receive or send to other people. Will this be something you will be doing in the future ?

We’re looking into the possibility, however, no solid plans yet.

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Like your honesty, when ever this happens I will join with the monthly subscription. I have been using Revolut to manage my money better and really enjoying the whole app and the control of able to pay in dollars that I use a lot and the ATM machine £200 limit is exactly the right thing for me to save me from taking too much money out. The account is helping me to manage my money better, but I hope the crypto side changes and morphs into what a lot of people seem to want from your crypto aspect of your business. Definitely trust you guys with my money and found no problems at all with anything about the account. What is the point in holding crypto when you can’t do for example what Xapo does.

If you want to have more clients that will use your crypto, you need to make possible coins transfer!! I know a lot of people that dont want to use revolut because of this posibility. I hope you will do something about this!

Hey Crypto fans :wave:

We have some news that is worth the read 🚀 Bitcoin withdrawals have landed🚀