Is there anyway to store money that’s not connected to a card?

I’ve been to victim of card fraud in the past where my card was cloned and funds drained from my account. To counter this I created another account in my uk bank which had no cards connected to it and just transfer the funds when I need to. Is this possible within Revolut? Apologies if this has been asked before, I had a look but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

You can open a Revlout account without requesting a card if you are sure you will never need one.
Alternatively request a card but lock it and leave it locked in the app.

Vaults? You can store all the money in a vault and transfer it to your main account before you have to do some payments. You can also freeze your card or disable some payment options (contactless paypments, online transactions, swipe payments, atm withdrawals etc.) and enable it when needed.


Thanks for the useful info. I’ve gone down the vaults avenue, I’ll update in a few months if it works well. Thanks both