Is there any support active right now? Frozen funds need unfreezing


I ridiculously had to supply a screenshot of a bank statement to prove that who was sending me money that has been frozen. There as no notification about this and I only found out hours later having already checked multiple times then finally saw that it was greyed out. I had a chat with in-app support earlier today and was asked to provide some basic details and the statement, which I couldn’t do at the time because my partner was at work (see the hassle you’re causing). I’ve provided this but the app help is now not answering. I need this money unfrozen urgently. All requested details have been provided so this now should not be an issue, not that it should have been an issue to begin with.

Please respond.


Type : Live agent in support chat for Real person.
Tough it will take some time .


Thanks for your reply but I’ve tried. Tried everything given that £5000 is stuck and that the money has an urgent purpose. Now getting message saying they’ll try and respond in 96 hours. All for sending money from a UK bank to UK Revolut account. I didn’t even know there was such a low limit for deposits. Should have just sent it to my Natwest or Monzo. Pathetic in 2018 to have this nonsense.


Have you verified id / top up card ?


Mm, need to check as I first got the card over a year ago. Though the issue is having to verify the source of the funds, not me. :thinking:


ID verification would be crucial.
Regulations regards fraud etc.
You more likely went over the limit .

Best thing is to provide as much info as possible ,veriffy id and card.

That would speed up process.
Maybe @AndreasK can help out.


Ok, thanks for your responses.


Hi there. I’ve passed this on to our support team. Unfortunately due to high demand there may be a delay getting back to users, but our agents are helping everyone as quick as possible!


There’s been people waiting for three weeks. You should have hired more agents long ago if that’s the case.


I have the same issue, even though they have verified the source of funds a few months back they want to do it again! It’s just ridiculous the amount of time they make you waste and the inconveniences they cause!


I’m shocked at hearing this. I’ve got £12K in with Revolut and now wish it was avoided. It was naive to fall for their bull messaging of disrupting banking systems, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve verified everything. Now you just have to twiddle your thumbs


Well there’s definitely a case for a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, consumer watchdogs, creating negative social media awareness and, given that this is adversely affecting so many people, group legal action.


Support lacks,but i understand why it’s hard to implement it straight away :slight_smile:


They should decline a deposit that exceeds any account limit and should ask the user to verify the user to verify BEFORE sending any further money. Freezing people’s money for days, weeks or months is wholly unacceptable.


You should know your limits :smiley:
No point slagging Revolut off.
Most of problems occurs because lack of knowledge …


Days or weeks isn’t acceptable. Months should be illegal. I’ve done KYC and AML on foreign currency exchanges in recent weeks that took hours. Hire more staff. The problem has clearly been ongoing for some time now.


I am sure they are working on it. My understanding from other threads in here is that they have a separate team that handles stuff like this :slight_smile:

What other exchanges? In December while Bitcoin was hot i had to wait 6 weeks for verification on Bitstamp :slight_smile:


What are you talking about??
Verification on Bitstamp was without deposit. But revolut holds accounts WITH money!!
My verified account locked from 22th of January. with 4000GBP. There are NO over annually. limit. No scam. No fraud.

The Third!!! Month they “review” my account! Nice one is not it?


Hope to have a response of some sort on Monday. They should put an in-app popup warning that this process is taking time so perhaps reconsider holding off from transferring money until verification is confirmed. Pretty simple.

Binance, Kucoin and Coinbase/GDAX were all same day trading after KYC. Bitstamp took months. Bitpanda was quick but I had to do an very extensive video interview. It was quite weird. Asked me hold my passport and move around to prove I wasn’t faking in front of the camera. Was a tense 25 minute interview because the guy was super serious and I wasn’t expecting it to be so detailed. He was airport passport control serious. I only use the first three exchanges now anyway.

Looking forward to Coinbase activating their newly approved Barclays account so it’ll be much quicker getting fiat onto an exchange. It should ease the pressure on Revolut significantly and once the first true fiat/crypto bank cards are released it’ll be even easier.

Cheers. :grinning:


Bitstamp/Kraken etc. do not hold a eMoney License in the UK or EU. So they do not live up to the same regulations.