Is there any customer support


Over six hours I have been waiting for a response? Is there any way to get an answer


Hi Andysheff,

Try FB messenger (Revolut) if Revolut is overwhelmed with popularity. This might help a little. Although the team can also reach peak volumes too. (Victims of there own success! :slight_smile:


Apologies for the delay guys, we are extremely busy on support and trying to get back to everyone as quickly as possible! Trying to keep wait time at a minimum. Our weekend hours are limited to 12-6UKT.


I have now been waiting for 10 days for my request for an annual limit increase to be processed. I have submitted all required documents but I am not getting any feedback from the Revolut team. The last time someone replied to my messages was on 29 June. I have since tried to get in touch on a daily basis but I am not getting any response whatsoever. :frowning:


Try FB messenger (live chat) Revolut. They are also very good. And reasonably quick and efficient. But be aware that occasionally they even reach peak volumes too.